Welcome to lidarview.com FAQ

How can I link my point cloud with the viewer?

By using "url" as parameter you can specify which point cloud you want to have loaded.
For example:
The server which hosts point cloud file must support Cross Origin Resource Sharing. Enabling CORS on your server is usually straightforward.

How can I request new features?

Simply write to our e-mail address (info at xtsense.com).

What is the purpose of lidarview.com?

To provide a free, simple and useful way for viewing point cloud data on any device. However, only browsers which support WebGL technology can render 3D graphics with acceptable performance. You can currently use Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Who is behind?

This page is created by the software company XtSense GmbH. You can reach us at info@xtsense.com.

We are worried about leakage of our point cloud data. Is it safe to use lidarview.com?

When you choose a file to render with lidarview.com, such file never gets transferred to the server. Instead the webpage uses browser to visualize the point cloud on your screen.

It is a bit different when you host your point cloud somewhere in Internet and create a link to the viewer for rendering (lidarview.com?url=your_server). When such link is opened by someone, your point cloud will be downloaded to the user's device.